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We will be in all Expo-Can this year.

El MVZ. Esp. Carlos Carrillo durante la Exposición Mundial Canina 2007, con el Schnauzer Miniatura Sal y Pimienta -Lucky Tornado-


México City Phone: (55) 5932-0996


Famous Kennel


We have a specialized kennel of dogs of the breed Miniature Schnauzer, dedicated to the production of Puppies, as well as to the rent of Champion Sires of quality. Prosecuted to the promotion and improvement of the beautiful Miniature Schnauzer in Mexico, in professional way . We have the four colors varieties.  

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In this paginates you found the information of our hatchery:

We have the Official Registration of Hatchery of the Federation Cynalogique Internationale (FCI) that endorses us as breeders in the International environment.

  We count with more than 50 Miniature Schnauzer with Exportation Pedigree of the Federación Canófila Mexicana (FCM) in the four color varieties: 

  1. Salt and Pepper. 

  2. Black & Silver. 

  3. Black Solid. 

  4. Pure White.

    You will also obtain the complete description of our champions, our females and the available males for stud service, as well as the Puppies of different ages and prices, available so that you acquire them personally or for shipment. 

We send you the information and updates pictures that you request, through your e-mail...

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El Dr. Carrillo y su esposa con la celebre Joan l. Huber juez experta del Schnauzer Miniatura

Mrs. Joan L. Huber expert judge and breeder of the Miniature Schnauzer from USA, it distinguished us with their visit during the Dog World Show Mexico 2007...


The World Trade Center (WTC)

Beauty and elegance with International quality ...Here is already our famous exemplary Black Tiger and Elvis Presley as the night and the day.


  We were in ¡World Dog Show México 2007!...The Great Canine World Exhibition happened in our country, in the "International Center of the America" (Center Banamex) of Mexico City. We thank to all the canines friends of different countries that visited us in this occasion. ¡Greetings to all!

La feliz Schnauzer Miniatura Sal y Pimienta: Chanel

Give you the pleasure of having a beautiful and healthy puppy ...more that a Miniature Schnauzer take a Hacienda-Tornado *. You only call us... we want you to enjoy their beautiful and tender company.... ¡It's for you! ...When you finish seeing this First Section our ..See the New Section or guide you for the Map of the Place so that you don't get lost....

    ¿About us ?      

We are a big Mexican family with love toward the dogs, and we chose for partner from our small children to the Miniature Schnauzer for their beauty and attributes of being small (non midget), kind, robust, intelligent, faithful vigilant, cheerful, patient and affectionate, especially with the children. Besides that is the only race that she/he doesn't throw hair!                              And now we are devoted to Miniature Schnauzer, take care of them in professional form . We are already the hatchery number ONE in Internet in all America.


Recent events:

We were in the Expo-Can City of Monterrey 2007", in the Cintermex. ¡Regal greetings!


As it is already habit we were also in the Expo-Can Mexico City 2007, in the WTC, we receive the pleasing visit thousands of the Schnauzer lovers. It was a great occasion, because every time we can offer them better puppies for all those that appreciate the quality. Thanks to you we continue with success.

Patricie Okounova, top-model of Czech Republic, visits our stand in Expo-dog 2007, in love of HT Phantom. Made in Mexico.

Our puppies in AZTEC TV, where Crowned Ingrid and invited artists appear with the talented driver, as the boys of "The Academy". Participated in several recordings in the TV channel 13.

La hermosa Ingrid Coronado de TVAzteca con un Schnauzer Miniatura Negro y Plata cachorro de Hacienda Tornado

During the Expo-Dog México 2004, we competed to our exemplary "Promise Tornado", which he win in four presentations their points to obtain the Title of Mexican Champion.

El flamante Campeón Mexicano Promise Tornado, Schnauzer Miniatura Sal y Pimienta del Criadero Hacienda Tornado

Flamante Campeón Mexicano: "PROMISE TORNADO"... Felicidades Campeón....¡Ajua!

In Expo-Can Monterrey, N. L. Presents to "Tiger Black" of Black color, of the 6 times that he participate, I win in 5 occasions its points for championship and the "best of breed", obtaining outstandingly his Title of Mexican Champion.

El nuevo Campeón Mexicano Black Tiger, Schnauzer Miniatura Negro Sólido del Criadero Hacienda Tornado

Another new Mexican Champion: "Tiger Black (Carrillo)"... Happiness Champion...

 Noticias Importantes:

La Supermodelo Monserrat Olivier con el Schnauzer Miniatura Bucky Hacienda Tornado

Important personalities, as the beautiful and kind International Ultra-model Montserrat Olivier who accompanies the Dr. Carrillo and our dog Bucky.

Locutores de la radio con el Schnauzer Miniatura Bucky Twister

With the pleasing visit of two famous commentators of Television and the Radio: Guillermo Ortega and Mayra Saucedo, in the program "Report Mascots"


Hermosos y saludables cachorros de Schnauzer Miniatura en venta durante todo el año

It visits our new section of our clients, where many unforgettable images, testimonies of our history appear. Enters here: Friends and clients.

Para que veas los testimonios de nuestros clientes dichosos...pincha aquí!!

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¡Another news!

El famoso Dr. Carlos Carrillo (Dr. Tornado) entrevistado en la radio FM

Dr. Carrillo in the interview of the radio station in FM Reporte 98.5 México City.




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¡Available puppies and prices here!         

¿Why to buy with us?

¿You have a female and  needs boyfriend?

¿It is ideal for children?

¿How should be a Miniature Schnauzer?


El nuevo Campeón Mexicano Rich Silver, Schnauzer Miniatura Negro y Plata del Criadero Hacienda Tornado

This is Rich Silver Hacienda-Tornado, one of our exemplary color Black & Silver who is already Champion Mexican ...Congratulations!!!

El Campeón Mexicano Promise Tornado con su dueño Carlos Ivan, primer lugar, Schnauzer Miniatura Sal y Pimienta del Criadero Hacienda Tornado

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Important message. We don't have sales points, neither family, neither partners, neither salespersons. Don't allow that somebody deceives you saying that to take advantage of our good name and to trade you.                

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 We are the proprietors and always give you the personalized attention that you require. 



"Happy with class..."

Our History:

From 1982 I have raised dogs of different races with pedigree. After married we acquire the first Miniature Schnauzer at the request of our small children that wanted a company puppy. So we study the different races and we opt for the Miniature Schnauzer . We acquire it and it was a pleasant experience, since " Dolly " whose name put him, she win us quickly for their patience and affection with the children, and we begin to raise them, evolving quickly during these years. For my profession of Veterinary Doctor and Zootecnist (professional to increase and to improve the production the different animal species) and to the preparation that I received in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), it is that we have achieved healthy, beautiful animals and without defects, attaching to the Standard of Racial Perfection so that they complete their function friend zootécnica and partner efficiently for children and adults. And here we are, thanks to the favor of God and the support of valuable people lovers of the Miniature Schnauzer in the world and Mexico that we can have beautiful dogs, and arrived to distant places as we never imagine and making friends all over the world. ¡Thank you!

El Dr. Carrillo con el Schnauzer Miniatura color Sal y Pimienta: Lucky Tornado

The "Dr. Tornado" exhibiting to Lucky Tornado.

Promise Tornado * Competing and obtaining their points of Mexican Champion... we Thank to Mrs. Rosa María Olguin de Moral, expert handled and professional stylist thoroughly, of the Tampico City, Thanks!!

Margarita de Carrillo y las Chicas de la Academia con Schnauzers Miniatura del criadero Hacienda Tornado

We are making famous to our hatchery Hacienda-Tornado!!!...... .has taken to our pretty puppies to TVAzteca where they participate in popular program of Television with wide diffusion in Latin America, here two puppies appear taking the picture next to five beauties... .guau!!! If you want to know more " clic " on the Image...


Phone: (55) 5932-0996 México City


You call us... .or if you send us a Email it includes your phone number...

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